Elderly residences the future in thailand's real estate business

A new Situation!
The world is changing; the world's population is aging. The people are getting much older than in the past and build up a huge retirement base. The younger generation finds it harder and harder to take care of the old folks (their parents!) and governments are struggling too with the burden of taking care of more and more retired people.

Germany for example has around 7.4 million retired people and many of them need a place to stay but not too many are available. This is not about charity or Government retirement homes; this is about people who have money and could afford to stay in a nice place where someone is taking good care of them but these places are few and ridiculous expensive.

Old People the new Business!
After focusing on retirement homes in various countries and talking to people involved in this kind of business we believe the solution is to build an Elderly Residence however not in Europe but outside.

Years ago elderly people from countries as Germany, Austria and Switzerland went to other European countries but prices are up as well and weather conditions are similar to their home countries.

Retirees are looking now for countries were the weather is pleasant and prices affordable. And governments and the private sectors are supporting this idea as they can save a lot of money too.

Making a Difference!
Different from most retirement homes in western countries the idea is to offer living in a traffic free, village style environment embedded in a landscaped park with many trees, fishing pond, waterfalls, own vegetable garden and so on.

There will be low-rise buildings compromising of apartments of different sizes and villas with a wide range of facilities including mini mart, swimming-pools, gym, craft room, restaurants, cafe bar and pub, library, massage and spa, hair dressing salon and on top a state of the art clinic with integrated pharmacy and inpatient facilities, suitable for handicapped residents.

It's all about Service!
There will be new examples of achievement for quality standards in living during the cherished third phase of life. The residence needs to offer the highest possible level of service for private residences in an ambiance similar to that of a 5-star hotel resort in a warm and friendly atmosphere where care and attention are the main priorities.

All residents will be members of the "Difference Club" and can chose between different membership levels according to their needs starting from a basic service to a VIP treatment including health checks, cocktail reception, free golf and 24 hours nurse and doctors on standby.

Why Thailand
The kingdom is for quite a long time well-known as investment place and as a travel destination and undoubtedly a safe country. The costs of living are increasing constantly in the Western world, isolation, a rather unpleasant weather situation and above all older people are not very well treated as they would deserve; different from Thailand were older people are respected.

Due the desolate care situation in Europe, many people are forced to find a new living environment. Furthermore typical age-related illnesses such as gout, rheumatism, arthritis, etc. contribute to the fact that older people are leaving Europe and move to warmer countries. This leads to an ever-increasing demand - especially among people from Western countries - to make this suitable and cost-effective place their new home.

Why Eastern Seaboard?
The Eastern Seaboard offers an excellent infrastructure. The proximity to the capital Bangkok, the international airport only 120 km away, and its many sandy beaches on the offshore islands are an advantage as are the various opportunities in the vicinity. The area is also known as a Golfers paradise with more than 20 international golf courses with affordable green fees starting at 20 Euros.

Several big supermarkets are serving the foreign community offering a wide selection of everything Westerners are used too. Big shopping centers, specialized "Western" bakers and butchers as well as numerous restaurants with a variety of dishes from around the world are available in and around the city of Pattaya. There are hospitals of international standard, numerous sport facilities, and of course Pattaya offers also plenty of day-time attractions and an extensive nightlife.

Helmut Buchberger

Author’s name: Helmut Buchberger
Author’s position: Managing Director
Company: ABC Asian Business Consulting Co., Ltd.
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